This list is for minor human characters in TOMY Thomas and Friends.

Homestar RunnerEdit

Homestar Runner won a KFC Chicken Contest. He later got shunted by Edward into the dirt with Mr. Postmanson inside S.C.Ruffey.

Homestar Runner only appeared in the episode Edward's Big Mess-Up.

Voice Actor[s]Edit

  • trainlover476

The Spongebob ReporterEdit

The Spongebob Reporter gives importent news about TOMY Thomas and Friends.

He reported that Percy ran away, James would return from the voice transporter, and the battle in Knock-Out Thomas.

Voice Actor[s]Edit

  • trainmaster844


Season 1--- Percy on the Run

Season 2--- A Shade of Orange and Knock-Out Thomas

Wille WonkaEdit

Wille Wonka kicked out Henry and Gordon for breaking the rules in the chocalate factory.

He only appeared in the episode Thomas in Love.

Voice Actor[s]Edit

  • trainlover476

The YetteeEdit

The Yettee trapped Thomas, Annie, and Clarabel in Henry's Tunnel, but Percy distracted him while Donald and Douglas made it disappear.

The Yettee only appeared in the episode Christmas.

Voice Actor[s]Edit

  • trainlover476

Santa ClausEdit

Santa Claus arrived to look at the Christmas Spirt of Sodor on Thomas's Christmas Express.

He only appeared in the episode Christmas.

Santa Claus and Gordon in Episode 7

Voice Actor[s]Edit

  • missoliverandblossom