Thomas the Tank Engine


Thomas is NO. 1 blue tank engine. His girlfriend is Rosie. his class is LB&SCR E2.


Thomas used to be wise for Season 1 and Season 2, But in Season 3 he becomes crazy.

Voice Actor[s]Edit

  • trainlover476
  • Trainboy7 (Percy leaves Sodor remake only)


Season 1--- Prolouge,;Thomas appears with his number, April Fools,;Thomas appears in the shed and everywhere, Secret Tender Club,outside the shed, The Grand Fight,;worried in this episode (remake) (cameo) Edward's Big Mess-Up,;he's a bit mad at Gordon, Tricked or Treat,;goes to the Halloween party as a vampire, and Percy on the Run,;he is sad because Percy has to leave but is happy when Percy stays,

Season 2---A Shade of Orange,;sees James come back, Christmas,;gets to take Santa Claus to the Christmas party, Knock-Out Thomas,;going to fight Neville, Business Trip,;James and Henry are going on a business, Whack-a-Mole-Ron,;part of the whack a mole-ron group, Thomas in Love,he feels strange when he sees Rosie, Gameshow Carnival: Friends Fornever, he appears telling us about it and later in the episode, Jibblie IV,;another Halloween episode, YouTube Parents,;Thomas appears everywhere, How the Mikey Stole Christmas,;he's happy because it's Christmas,and I Was a Teenage EVIL Moron,;he's happy and a bit scared,

Season 3--- 149.5,;he only appears a few times in this episode, 150th Video-Verssary,;again the same thing like the last episode, Gameshow Carnival 2: Roof-Top Stranded,;eliminated from the shed, Trimag x TOMY Thomas and Friends crossover,;he appears in the movie, Henry & the Brain eating-Metaor,;he helps Henry find a man eating brain metetor, The Mystery Episode.Thomas appears everywhere. (expect Donut unto Others).


  • in Gameshow Carnival 2 Thomas has became a popular tank engine himself.
  • Thomas did not appear in Donut unto others.
  • In Canada Thomas has an Austrailian Accent.
  • one of Thomas' friends was a Japanese helper & that was Henry.
  • Thomas is the first character ever created unlike the Railway Series.
  • Thomas is best friends with Percy and good friends with James, Toby, Gordon and Everybody else. (Including the friendly diesels like Mavis, Daisy, Rusty and other friendly diesels).